Leadership Training

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  • Playing The Sit Game to help build leadership with Marty

    Marty is not used to being asked to do things. He is usually the one asking his family to do things which makes him feel that he is the boss of his home. I'm teaching his family to ask him to do more. Marty will usually offer about 70% of what you ask just so he can stay in charge. Because he takes pride in his leadership, I never want him to feel wrong so I take the time it takes. He finall...


  • Counter Surfing During The Holiday

    Dogs who counter surf while you are trying to prepare for the holidays can be very frustrating. Here is a way to keep your dog busy while you are.


  • The Stay Game 2:28

    When to play The Stay Game.


  • Taking a treat nicely

    Does your dog SNATCH the treat out of your hand when you're trying to train? Here is a great way to help him/her to understand how to take a treat nicely.


  • Training with feel

    Showing how you can communicate with your dog through feel.


  • Charlie's First Time Vested


  • Do You Have A Shy Dog?

    Is your dog afraid of people or things?


  • Acclimating Two Dogs In Your Home

    Introducing a new dog to the dog that you already have.


  • Don't Compromise Your Principles For Your Purpose

    If you take the time it takes to train your dog, you won't need to correct them. All dogs want to work....we need to give them a chance.


  • Give That Back

    Does your dog grab things that he shouldn't have?