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10 Playcare Games

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  • Name Game

    The Name Game This game is worth a million when trying to build leadership!


  • Timing Game

    We have to be able to let our dogs know that they are doing a GREAT job when they respond to our requests. The Timing Game develops the message.


  • Follow Me

    The Follow Me Game teaches your dog to follow you. It is the introduction to the heal request.


  • The Down Game

    Teaching your dog to lay down is so important. Quiet time is good for both human and dog.


  • The Placemat Game

    This game teaches your dog to go to his place or to his mat. It is the introduction to teaching your dog to go to his place and to stay there for a period of time.


  • The Touch Game

    This is a relationship building game and it's FUN! It's a super game for keeping your dog occupied when they are in a stressful situation. Once your dog learns


  • The Watch Me Game

    If you want your dog to pay attention before you ask him to do something, teach him to make eye contact.


  • The Stay Game

    You'll want keep this game simple as your dog is learning. The more secure the simple stay is, the more secure you dog will be when developing a longer or distance stay.


  • The Leave it Game

    A game that has great impact when your dog is about to dive into something that he/she should not be eating!