Out of the Mouth of Briggs

briggs-blog2As I was saying, I was just meeting my mom for the first time. I was so excited! Back then, I used to get this really weird feeling, kind of like my head was spinning. I think my mom saw it too because she was looking at me with a funny look on her face. When I get dizzy, my eyes start to cross and I can’t catch my breath. It stops after a few minutes and it only happens when I get real excited.

My car ride, to what I now know to be my very own home, was about an hour. A very short time compared to what I was used to. This car was different, it didn’t smell like the others. That was both good and bad. I wondered if there was ever another dog in the car or if I was the only one. The seats sure were soft. I leaned back and got comfortable for the first time in months.

When we got home, my mom let me go inside first. There was no barking, and all I could smell was food! THE FLOORS WERE WARM and soft. I felt myself getting that weird feeling again but I didn’t care! I LOVED THE SMELL IN THIS HOUSE. I jumped on the couch that was soft, I ran from room to room, all just as soft as the last. Best of all? There were crumbs on the breakfast table!!!! I was up on that baby with one leap. Whoa, I was a little unsteady! I was trying to get my balance when I heard my mom gasp. She yelled something but didn’t move. I could never get that darn table to stop rocking, it was kind of fun actually.

Just as I started to get my balance I saw it, a furry little creature peek at me from the other room. I had never seen anything like it before…..what the heck was it! Before I could finish my thought, she was gone! Clearly she wanted me to chase her! I kept trying but the table was too slippery! I dug my nails in and that helped me MOVE! Not knowing my way around yet, I came around the corner and hit the plant rack. Cool! I thought they would like dirt on the floor! I didn’t know why mom kept the woods in pots anyway. I followed this funny creature around the dining room, right back across the dirt and BOOM…I hit mom!!! She screamed something as she landed in the dirt. Back then my mind was wild and I didn’t understand much, except that what I know now as a cat, was moving fast! She was one smart girl….I never did catch her.

It wasn’t long before I landed myself in the crate. It was a really nice one actually, not like the cold ones that I was used to. This one had a mat in it…took me no time to get all of the white stuff out of it. Isn’t that what I was supposed to do? Got that taken away real quick. It took me a long time to get adjusted to the way things worked in my new family. I remember wondering how long I was going to stay. My mom spent a lot of time sitting on the floor with me those first few days. I think she was trying to tell me that this was my home. She noticed the raw spots on my front legs. When I would get nervous and start to lick them, mom would put her hand on my head and then my legs. I think she was trying to tell me that I didn’t have to lick them anymore. She put this oil that tasted like a coconut on my sores and it felt good.

It took a few days, but then I started to settle. One day, I had to go to the bathroom so bad that I couldn’t hold it. This was a very weird feeling because I was a master at holding it! Not that day. I walked by the front door and picked a forest pot I liked and lifted my leg. Mom saw me and rushed me outside. I stood there going for what felt like a really, really long time. Mom was watching and felt bad….I could tell. It must have taken a lot out of me, because the last thing I remember about that day was waking up on my back with my paws in the air… my new bed was quite comfy. I remember thinking, I sure could get used to this! Until next time.

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